Last year, the Yanks beat the Sox 6 times in 19 tries. This April, the Yanks have beaten the Sox 4 times in 5 tries.

Pineda vs. Lackey. Comment away.

Masahiro Tanaka is facing the Red Sox (and pitching at Fenway Park) for the first time. Given his K rate and ERA and given the Red Sox’ lethargic offense on the season, I predict, oh, let’s say, 11 strikeouts for the guys in red and white. Luckily, the other guy starting today is usually pretty good also. Jon Lester, vanquisher of cancer and owner of three great World Series starts (and wins), is that other guy. Also, Jacoby Ellsbury returns to Fenway as a Yankee. I’ll predict about two-thirds of the crowd cheers the two-time World Series champ in his first plate appearance (unlike Johnny Damon, Ellsbury never claimed he wouldn’t follow money to the Yankees)…followed by boos and boos and boos thereafter…particularly if he shines in his job of getting on first base and stealing the rest of them.

Comment away, y’all!

Totally forgot this was today and that Baltimore is still the opponent. Welp, it’s tied at 0 in the 2nd. Comment if you’re enjoying the early action!

Not literally (yet). With 18 played, the Sox are through the equivalent of the 1st inning on the season, and started 2.0 GB at the start of play Sunday. Annoying, but not buried.

If early returns mean anything, and they don’t, the pitching matchup highly favors the Sox as 7.00+ ERA Jimenez faces sub-2.00 ERA Peavy. The rubber match is on! Comment away.

The Yankees channeled Elmer Fudd in their ridiculously futile pursuit of the Rays yesterday, and lost Ivan Nova to a partial ligament tear in the process. The Yankees send Vidal Nuno to the mound, while the Rays put Cesar Ramos on the bump; they have a combined total of seven major league starts.

Comment away.

TB up 1-0 in the 2nd on a Myers home run as Chris Archer faces Ivan Nova.

So far, so bad for the Red Sox who enter today’s contest 7-10, 3 back of the 10-7 Yankees. It ain’t September, but early returns seem to indicate that the team with the highest season team BABIP in the modern era (last year) may be seeing their luck run out.

Today, the Red Sox will try to even the series as Norris and Doubront face off. Have a nice Saturday!

The Bombers staked Kuroda with a four run cushion in the second inning off Erik Bedard. Likey.

Comment away.

Opening series rematch with Lackey (who’s had two good starts and a stinker) and Tillman (who has done unsustainably well with a sub-1.00 ERA thus far) taking the hill. The Sox won round one by going 2-1 at Camden Yards. Can they equal or better their effort, now at friendly Fenway? We’ll find out. Comment away.

And it just happens to have something to do with baseball.

Escape from Cuba: Yasiel Puig’s Untold Journey to the Dodgers.

How soon is too soon for the movie?

Lefties Chris Sale and Jon Lester, two of the premiere attractions in the game, are facing off in Chicago. Apologies to LeGuin.

Comment away.

David Price is doing exactly what he did so well last season: strike people out, and if not, at least don’t walk them. He’s hoping to continue his phenomenal success against the Yankees tonight at the Trop, while CC gets the rock for the Bombers. Beware the sixth inning. Comment away.

Lost a 2-1 game on an error by our wunderkind shortstop to go 5-9 on the young season. Red Sox suck.

Today: Buchholz and Danks. Comment if you’re more in the mood for baseball than I am.

The Cubs and Yankees play two today because of last night’s rainout. Travis Wood and Michael Pineda face off in the opener, then Jason Hammel and
Masahiro Tanaka pitch the nightcap. Comment away!

Prodigal White Sox Peavy returns to Chicago, this time wearing the other Sox uniform. He takes on rookie Erik Johnson in hot Sox on Sox action.
Hopefully, Peavy’s pitching hand will the multitudinous Sox incarnadine, making the white one red.

The runs scored have all been on homers. 2-run shot by Beltran to dive in Ellsbury, and solos by McCann and Soriano (ruining the “new Yankee” theme). AJ Pierzynski has a 2-run shot to account for the entirety of Red Sox runs.